Michael Is Back !

michael benveniste model
Model Michael Benveniste
June 28, 2017

Michael Benveniste Is Back


While not every runway modeling job will be for haute couture lines, many models end up becoming fashion icons and gain in-depth knowledge into the world of fashion and design. .


There are other perks of being a high-fashion model as it offers flexibility and travel opportunities to experience other cultures unequaled to other careers. Models often work unconventional hours and sometimes long periods of time, but after that, a model can take a break of their choosing; a luxury most people can’t afford in their line of work without worrying about their next pay slip.

Being a highly sought after model for up and coming fashion shows by designers, photographers, and scouts is every models’ dream, this industry can be a tad overwhelming and while to the rest of us envy the life of a runway model, it isn’t always glitz and glam as it looks on camera as Michael explains after he took a one-year hiatus for the sole purpose of self-improvement and rejuvenation.


Michael Benveniste Model In Israel


We are not surprised to learn this of the highly sort after top model because we know him as a person with a great desire to grow and better himself in every way. We have sadly watched some of our favorite models in the past who have either taken a ‘break’ or completely quit the modeling world after facing a rough patch during their careers. This is not the case with Michael Benveniste. He is now back, with a different look that is absolutely becoming.

He is now rocking a short hair style, very different from how we remember him with his long hair and a smashing healthy looking body worthy of the fashion industry. Michael tells us that his main aim was to focus on his gym routine completely. He has been working with a professional trainer and trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We agree with the commendable changes that he has made and you will too when you check out his photos on his website www.michaelbenveniste.com. He now works out every chance he gets and jogs every evening religiously.

As a model, Michael relies on his physique to bring in the paycheck, so it's no wonder why every minute of his workout is precious and requires dedication and commitment to maintain good conditioning all year round. Working with a fitness trainer has helped Michael to remain consistent with all his workouts that consist of light weights and supersets that focus on specific points that need improvement for a balanced and symmetrical physique.

Most models follow a strict diet plan and often very restrictive as Michael explains. And beyond the basic supplementation, his main meal consists of 100g of rice and lean chicken where he makes sure that he is eating at least five times a day.

It is always great to watch a success story unfold right before our very eyes, and we can only wish Michael the very best in his career in the fashion industry and future plans.

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