Michael Benveniste’s Daily Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle

michael benveniste model
Model Michael Benveniste
June 28, 2017
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April 1, 2019

Michael Benveniste’s Daily Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle


As Michael clearly puts it; “There is NO excuse for not hitting the gym.” This is because he understands that the runway and photo shoot world is not a typically healthy one, especially when relay upon your physic and looks as your sources of income, you have to be particularly keen on how well you eat and work out.


Like many top models now, Michael is a gym-buff and health conscious. He shares with us that he will not miss out on a good jog, every evening after a hard days’ work except for Saturdays (it’s not always all work but no play) He enjoys jogging as a healthy way of relieving stress and it also requires no special equipment apart from a good pair of joggers and some good music. Jogging is also convenient for Michael because he can do it anytime and anywhere.

When Michael is not busy pounding the pavement jogging, he loves a good workout at the gym with the help of a professional trainer in order to keep his body toned and his metabolism burning. If you take a glance at his photos on his website, his Social Daily Updates link captures his well-toned abs and biceps! He places a lot of emphasis on whole-body workouts doing deadlifts that lengthen the hamstrings and keeps his posture aligned. He also likes to incorporate low-intensity steady cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training..



Michael follows a strict weekly workout routine that engages his forearms, arms, and chest with exercises such as bench presses, pushups, barbell curls, cable crunches, leg raises, jump squats the list is endless


Michaels’ line of work can be physically demanding, and a healthy diet is a must because as he says “a good workout may help you build the perfect body, but you need a well-balanced nutrition that goes hand in hand with your workout routine.” One if his go-to and favorite meal is lean chicken and about 100g of rice and makes sure that he’s eating at least five meals a day for important carbs and protein boost and to maintain his overall muscle mass..

Saturdays are set aside for going out and catching up with his friends but as he tells us that he always does his best to eat healthy, which is how he is able to maintain his streamlined look. Anyone can learn a lot from Michaels’ health and fitness regimen in order to have the body of their dreams. All you need is to have a well-planned routine and stick to it because body transformation doesn’t have to be frightening or a painful process. Michael advice is to have a goal, set a realistic timeframe and commit to it.

If you have any comments or questions that you would like to ask Michael about his workout routine and healthy diet plans, go to his website and engage this young man and leave your comments on www.michaelbenveniste.com. He’s happy to answer your questions anytime..


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